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Take 15% off Branch Saver Kits!

  • Dynamic Cabling Kit #1

    Save a tree following a storm by creating a dynamic cabling system with this Branch Saver kit! Kit #1 is our most common combination of branch saver and chafe sleeve;…

Take 15% off All Gear's Husky 12 Dead Eye Slings!

  • Husky-12™ Dead Eye Sling

    This dead eye sling is made of 12-Strand Polyester or 12-Strand Multi Pro coated in All Gear’s Husky Coating and covered with Chafe Sleeve. The Husky coating and chafe sleeve…

Take 15% off All Gear's 1/2″ Pro Force™ Bull Rope!

  • 1/2″ Pro Force™ Bull Rope

    High Tenacity Double Braided Bull Rope provides the best in abrasion resistance, break strength and low stretch. The “Pro Force” has a Polyester Jacket and a Ultra High Weight Molecular…

Take 15% off Husky 12 Adjustable Polyester Transformer Slings!

  • Husky 12 Adjustable Polyester Transformer Slings

    12-Strand adjustable polyester transformer slings are used as a low stretch lifting tool for contractors. The adjustable polyester transformer slings have a ballistic nylon outer jacket at the three critical…

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Very happy with the bright colors in Mardi Gras. It has been a great rope to climb on with my rock exotica unicender.

Mark S.

Our triple headed Soft Rig Sling has worked out great. Thank you for working with me on the customization of it and adding it to your catalog for the future

Kevin R.
Tree Service Company

Sophie- Thank you for the time you spent with me to get the gear we requested. I greatly appreciate the price matching and the quick responses. I couldn’t ask for a more responsive and efficient transaction. I will be returning to EngineeredRope for future purchases!

Adam S.
Tree Service Company
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