The CLAIR System

The C.L.A.I.R.™ System
(Climbing Lowering Anchor with Immediate Rescue)

A rescue system, made for climbing arborists, that will allow a grounds person to quickly lower an incapacitated climber to safety.  The CLAIR™ system is made with 7/16″ and 1/2″ Husky Bull Rope and two Medium Low Friction Rigging Rings sewn onto one end. Available in 150′, 200′ or another custom length upon request.

How to use the CLAIR System with a Munter Hitch

Developed by All Gear Inc.

As seen in the video above, a whoopie sling is used around the base of the tree with a carabiner and the CLAIR™ system in a Munter Hitch. When ready to lower the climber, a Friction 8 with a VT Friction Hitch allows slow release of the climber.

Products featured in the video

  • Adjustable Whoopie Sling

  • All Gear’s CLAIR System

  • Double Locking Carabiner

  • Friction 8™ Prusik

  • Mardi Gras™ – 11.8mm 24-Strand

Alternative ways to use the CLAIR™ system:

CLAIR with Port A Wrap

CLAIR with Figure 8

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