Climbing Rope

Our climbing gear is primarily for tree service professionals/ arborists, and tower service/ utility workers. Review the info below for help choosing the right style rope for you!

  • 12-Strand Rope is excellent for natural crotch rigging it can also be used for climbing arborists but we recommend making the switch to 16-strand or 24-strand instead.
  • 16-Strand Rope is ideal for Double Rope Technique (DRT). It is slightly less static than 24 strand rope. 24-Strand Line is also used for DRT and can be used for Stationary Rope System (SRS), also known as Single Rope Technique (SRT).
  • 24-Strand Rope is a versatile Climbing Rope for Double Rope Technique (DRT) and for Stationary Rope System (SRS), also known as Single Rope Technique (SRT).
  • 32-Strand Kernmantle / Static Rope is ideal for climbing with a Stationary Rope System (SRS), also known as Single Rope Technique (SRT) and meets all ANSI requirements for SRT / SRS. These ropes are also great as a rappel rescue rope and Speed Line Rigging Rope.

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  • Bazooka 1/2″ 16-Strand

  • Berry Bomber 1/2″ 16-Strand

  • Neolite 1/2″ 16-Strand

  • Safetylite 1/2″ 16-Strand


  • Atlas – 11.8mm 24-Strand

  • Ramborista – 11.2mm 7/16″ 24-Strand

  • Purple Haze – 11.2mm 7/16″ 24-Strand

  • Inferno – 11.8mm 24-Strand

  • Cherry Bomb II – 11.8mm 24-Strand


  • *New* CamoKern – 11mm & 12.4mm 32-Strand Kernmantle

  • Finish Line 7/16″ 32-Strand

  • Finish Line Red 7/16″ 32-Strand

  • Finish Line Blue 7/16″ 32-Strand

  • Crossfire 7/16″ 32-Strand


(Ideal for rigging, can be used as a climbing line but we recommend switching to one of our 16-Strand climbing ropes instead if you are used to climbing on 12)

  • Wonder Rope – Husky Forestry Pro

  • Forestry Pro 1/2″ 12-Strand

  • Forestry Pro 5/8″ 12-Strand

  • Forestry Pro 3/4″ 12-Strand

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