New Use for Your Soft Rig Sling

New Use for Your Soft Rig Sling

Attach a Floating Anchor to your Soft Rig Sling to use it as a ring to ring sling too! Attach with a prusik knot, then loop the ring back through the desired loop. (see image above)

We are also offering a shorter version of the Soft Rig Sling with 5 loops (rather than the normal 10) as pictured to the left.

7/16″ Floating Anchor goes with 1/2″ Soft Rig Sling
1/2″ Anchor goes with 5/8″ Soft Rig Sling
9/16″ Anchor goes with 5/8″ & 3/4″ Soft Rig Sling

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