Winch/Chipper HMPE Swift Line & Polyester Winch Rope

Polyester Winch Line & Swift Line Winch Rope

  • What is All Gear’s Swift Line and what are it’s benefits?
    • Swift Line is a 12-Strand Winch Line also known as UHMWPE (ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene) and HMPE
    • Comparable to dyneema and amsteel rope
    • Superior tensile strength compared to wire cable/wire rope.
    • Almost 8 times lighter in weight than wire cable – floats in water!
    • Great rope for pulling tree branches into chippers.
    • Chipper Line Hanks come with a spliced eye with protective Chafe Sleeve or add a steel hook
    • Excellent abrasion resistance.
    • Will not snap or recoil & working with gloves is not required as there are no steel splinters.
    • Water resistant and its such a light weight rope that it floats!
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