Newly Added

We’re always adding new professional quality gear and rope for industries including Arborists, Tower Service, Construction, Utility Workers and more. Contact us if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, we’re here to help! We can customize ANY of our slings to best suit your needs as well as find a rope ideal for your project even if it’s not on our website yet. FREE shipping on ALL orders over $99! (no heavy weight exceptions!)

  • High Performing Climbing Rope - Atlas 11.8mm 24-Strand Rope - Up-close

    Atlas – 11.8mm 24-Strand

  • CAMP Tree Access Evo Climbing Saddle - front - Safety Harness for Arborist ClimbersCAMP Tree Access Evo Climbing Saddle - back

    CAMP Tree Access Evo Climbing Saddle

  • Speed Line Kits

  • 16-Strand Adjustable Friction Saver

  • 16-Strand Friction Saver

  • 24-Strand Adjustable Friction Saver

  • 7/16" Rope for Ascenders

    Ramborista – 11.2mm 7/16″ 24-Strand

  • ATV Swift Winch Line

  • Friction 10 Carnival

  • Purple Haze – 11.2mm 7/16″ 24-Strand

  • Inferno – 11.8mm 24-Strand

  • All Gear Throw Bags

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