16-Strand Climbing

16 Strand Climbing Lines for Climbing Arborists, Linemen, Utility Workers and other Professional Climbers. 16 Strand rope is an ideal Climbing Rope for Double Rope Technique (DRT). It is slightly less static than 24 strand rope. 24-Strand Line is also used for DRT and can be used for Stationary Rope System (SRS), also known as Single Rope Technique (SRT). 32 Strand Kernmantle is ideal for tree service professionals only using SRT. It is best for SRT because it has extremely low stretch / it is the most static line. Click HERE to see all of our climbing lines. Contact us if you would like help deciding on the ideal rope for you – 407.557.8878 or Info@EngRope.com.

  • Berry Bomb 1/2″ 16-Strand

  • Neolite 1/2 inch Climbing Line 16 strand Arborist Rope

    Neolite 1/2″ 16-Strand

  • Safetylite 1/2″ 16-Strand

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