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  • Positioning Lanyard

  • Crossfire 7/16″ 32-Strand

  • Bazooka 1/2″ 16-Strand

  • Ramborista – 11.2mm 7/16″ 24-Strand


  • Positioning Lanyard

    The 1/2″ 16-Strand Positioning Lanyard is for Arborists and Professional Climbers. It is made with an ANSI Aluminum Snap Hoop, Aluminum Carabiner, Rope Grab and Chafe Sleeve. Select a 10…

  • Crossfire 7/16″ 32-Strand

    Crossfire is a 32-Strand braided static Kernmantle polyester over a nylon core rappelling line. A firm construction and straight core make this rope great for rappelling and tower work with…


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