Forestry Pro Glo Fingers
Forestry Pro Glo Lines 2023

1/2″ Forestry Pro Glo™ 12-Strand


  • New Look! Red Polyester with Yellow Tracers
  • Made for aggressive & traditional climbing / rigging work
    • Excellent for natural crotch rigging
  • Firm 100% premium polyester – keeps line round for high performance
  • Holds knots well, is non-hocking & non-rotational
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Avg Tensile = 7,300 lbs


Add a Sewn Spliced Eye?

Sewn Eye created using premium nylon thread and a heavy duty sewing machine.

If you chose a custom length…


Rigging Rope / Tree Climbing Line. New Look! Red 12-Strand Polyester with yellow tracers. Made for the most aggressive and traditional climbing / rigging work. It was originally manufactured exclusively for the Canadian Logging Industry. A firm 100% premium polyester construction keeps the line round for high performance and its excellent for natural crotch rigging. It also holds a knot well, is non-hocking and non-rotational. Rigging Pros may also like our classic white and red tracer 1/2″ Forestry Pro™5/8″ Forestry Pro™, 3/4″ Forestry Pro™, and urethane coated Husky Forestry Pro / Wonder Rope™.

Avg Tensile = 7,300 lbs

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

1/2" x 120', 1/2" x 150', 1/2" x 200', 1/2" x 600', Custom Length

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