Crossfire 7:16in 32-Strand Rope – Up-close
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Crossfire 7:16in 32-Strand Rope – Hank

Crossfire 7/16″ 32-Strand


Crossfire is a 32-Strand braided static Kernmantle polyester over a nylon core rappelling line. A firm construction and straight core make this rope great for rappelling and tower work with blocks. The bright fibers in this rope provide high visibility and great strength and durabilty for high performance. Click HERE to see more static rope.


7/16″ Avg. Tensile = 8,800 lbs


Add a Sewn Spliced Eye?

Sewn Eye created using premium nylon thread and a heavy duty sewing machine.


Crossfire 32-Strand Climbing Rope is a great climbing line for tower technicians and arborists. It is a very low stretch static rope. Comparable product to Sterling’s 7/16 inch Static Rope but with a slightly higher safe working load of 880lbs. It is made in Canada and has quality fibers than ensure an excellent life span with great resistance to abrasion, sunlight, chemicals and moisture. This multi-use rappel and rescue rope has many applications for professional climbers.

This 7/16 Inch Kernmatle – 32-Strand Climbing Rope is ideal for Arborists climbing with a Stationary Rope System (SRS), also known as Single Rope Technique (SRT). SRS is when a climbing arborist ascends and descends on a stationary rope. Arborists who enjoy a static climbing line will be a big fan of Crossfire and our Tower Line. Made in the United States of America. This Rope is made with quality fibers to ensure great abrasion resistance, high performance and increase your safety. Tower Line climbing rope meets ANSI requirements for SRT / SRS.

7/16″ Avg. Tensile = 8,8000 lbs

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150', 200', 600'


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