Friction 8 Tropical Turquoise on Rope
Friction 8 Tropical Turquoise Eyes Up Close
Friction 8 Tropical – w: Cherry Bomb II and Blue Craze II
Friction 8 Tropical Turquoise Straight
Friction 8 Tropical Turquoise Reel
Friction 8 Tropical Turquoise
Friction 8 Tropical Turquoise Up Close

Friction 8 Tropical Turquoise


Our NEW 8mm prusik line / eye and eye with a premium polyester and technora cover over a vectran braided core. Excellent heat resistance when used as friction hitch. An 8mm prusik line in neon turqoise, lime green, yellow and tan! Quality engineering and construction are guaranteed by premium fibers and excellent quality control. The “Friction 8 Tropical Turquoise” has a good firm construction keeping the line round for high performance and increased safety.

Avg. Tensile:  4,100 lbs

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This arborist Eye and Eye has excellent heat resistance when used as a friction hitch on climbing line increasing your safety. This prusik is made with a premium vectran braided core and a brightly colored polyester and technora cover allowing excellent durability, abrasion resistance, visibility, safety, life span and strength. Firm construction of fibers ensures it stays round for great performance. Climbing arborists use a variety of knots when using this friction hitch on their climbing rope. Three popular knots include the Schwabisch, V-T Hitch and X-T Hitch, click here to see images. Mention this note when you buy 600 feet of climbing line and receive a free one!

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Avg. Tensile:  4,100 lbs

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