Ring to Ring with Double Head


Ring to Ring Double Headed Slings are made of 12-Strand Polyester, coated in All Gear’s Husky Coating and covered with Chafe Sleeve. This 3/4″ x 5′ sling has two 1-1/8″ Medium Low Friction Rings and one 1-1/2″ Large Low Friction Ring installed with Locking Brummel Splices. 3/4″ is coded with orange color identification and it has two different colored rings to determine differing sizes. Contact us to make any customization, we’ll just add cost of materials!

Avg. Tensile:

  • 5/8″ = 16,000 lbs
  • 3/4″ = 21,000 lbs
  • 7/8″ = 32,000 lbs

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Tensile = 21,000 lbs

Additional information

Weight N/A
Solid Colored or Multi Colored Multi Pro

Solid Colored, Multi Pro


5/8" x 60\', 3/4" x 60\', 5/8" x 60", 3/4" x 60", 7/8" x 60"

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