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7/8″ Swift Winch Line x 600′


Swift Line has superior tensile strengths compared to wire cable and is almost 8 times lighter in weight.  It will not snap or recoil like wire cable & working with gloves is not required as there are no steel splinters. It comes in bright colors, floats and is water resistant, so it will not rust like wire cable. From the simple to the most demanding application, we have a size to meet most any need. To order smaller sizes see all on our Winch/Chipper HMPE Swift Line page.

Avg. Tensile: 90,800 lbs

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Swift Line is UHWMPE (Ultra-High-Weight-Molecular Polyethylene), or HMPE for short, a rope with outstanding strength. This Winch Rope has a break strength greater than Wire Cable. This winch line with provide you – strength, high visibility, a light weight, flexibility, no snap back if a break does occur, the ability to use with bare hands and it floats!

Avg. Tensile: 90,800 lbs


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1/8" x 600', 1/4" x 600', 3/8" x 600', 1/2" x 600', 5/8" x 600', 5/16" X 600', 7/8" x 600'


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